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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To Find a Wonder by Jennifer Carson

To Find a Wonder by Jennifer Carson
Publisher: L&L Dreamspell
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short (80 pages)
Recommended Age: 8+
Rating: 4.5 Suns
Review by: Cholla

Mortimer is the best squire in Sir Emberly’s troops, but his liege refuses to recommend him for promotion to knighthood. When Mortimer demands to prove his knight-worthiness, Sir Emberly charges him with an impossible task—finding a wonder in five days. With the help of his faithful mare, a scatterbrained wizard, a frog prince and a very special vegetable, Mortimer creates his own wonder—the first dragon to ever breathe fire! How much trouble could one fire-breathing creature cause anyway? Mortimer certainly finds out and learns along the way that being a knight is more than being talented with a sword.

What would you do to achieve your heart’s desire? That is the question on Mortimer’s mind at the beginning of To Find a Wonder. All he’s ever wanted was to be a knight, but can he really complete the task Sir Emberley has set forth? And in only five days?

Mortimer is a mere squire with dreams of knighthood. While undoubtedly the best squire in the troop, he has something else holding him back – his attitude. In the manner of young boys everywhere, Mortimer sets out on his adventure with a single-minded agenda: to find his wonder and become a knight. However, while along this journey he grows so much internally that he returns a different boy altogether. He gains so much strength of character and a brand new outlook on life. Mortimer begins as a spoiled boy and returns home a true knight.

Written in a fun and exciting style, To Find a Wonder is a treat for any young person or adult. As you travel with Mortimer and his motley band of companions, you’ll laugh out loud and run in fear right alongside them. Enhanced with beautiful illustrations, this novel is highly recommendable to any fan of fantasy or even just a lover of a good laugh.

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The Belle in Blue said...

Sounds like a great story for boys that should be both entertaining and feature a subtle message. It's always great to see characters grow over the course of a book. I would also think this would be a great choice to encourage reluctant readers to discover the wondrous worlds to be found in books!