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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dragon’s Gold by Piers Anthony & Robert E. Margroff

Dragon’s Gold by Piers Anthony & Robert E. Margroff
Publisher: Mundania Press LLC
Genre: Action/Adventure, Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Age Recommendation: 12+
Length: Full Length (210 pgs)
Rating: 4 suns
Reviewed by Cholla

When Kelvin was a child, his mother read to him from the Book of Prophecy and he asked what the poem meant. Now he was about to learn.

The Kingdom of Rud languishes under the heel of a usurper; an evil sorcerer has taken the throne in the name of his wicked daughter. Even deep in the forest, away from all power, the people tremble and await the day of prophecy's fulfillment. It cannot come too soon: Charlain and her children are soon to lose their home to the tax collector.

But Kelvin and Jon have other plans. they have found a dragon's territory, where scales of purest gold, shed by the dragon, lie free on the ground for anyone with courage, or innocence, to take.

And the words of Mouvar the prophet echo across Rud.

It all started so innocently, but then, doesn’t it always? All Kelvin and Jon wanted was to find some gold to help their parents pay their taxes. What they ended up with was the adventure of a lifetime. Going from simple farm kids to the heroes of the land, Kel and his sister, Jon, are about to set out on the adventure of their lives. Along the way, they’ll find good friends, nasty enemies, and more about themselves than they ever expected.

Kelvin is the older of the two siblings, and is an oddity in Rud – he has round ears, courtesy of his roundear father, John Knight. Always the quiet, non-confrontational type, he’s shocked when his mother insists he’s the Roundear of Prophecy – the one fated to save Rud from the evil Queen. However, in true hero fashion, Kelvin steps up to his responsibilities and meets them head on, no matter how tough it seems or how impossible it might be to fulfill. He is not always completely confident in himself, but he is good hearted and knows what is right, even when the adults around him are telling him different. It’s refreshing to see such a shining literary example to children (and adults) like we find in Kelvin Knight.

Jon is Kel’s younger sister, who’s only goal in life is to be taken as a man. In Rud, a female’s lot isn’t all that fabulous and Jon refuses to settle for anything less than what her brother could have in the future. So, it’s no wonder she’s tagging along with him on his adventure. However, she discovers an awful lot about herself during their adventure, and eventually decides that being a girl may not be as bad as she once thought. Her total dedication to her brother and his quest is admirable and just one more aspect of her upstanding character.

Dragon’s Gold is a great introduction to the world of fantasy for any young reader as well as any seasoned lover of the genre. Full of action, magic, dragons, and more than a touch of humor, it’s sure to pull you in from the first words and refuse to let you go until the very end. With a well thought out plot, engaging characters, and something lurking around every corner, you’ll never get bored in the land of Rud!

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