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Friday, February 19, 2010

Risky Business by Julie Kimbrell

Risky Business by Julie Kimbrell
Publisher: Hearts On Fire Books
Genre: Contemporary
Age Recommendation: 12+
Length: Full Length (174 pgs)
Rating: 4 Suns
Reviewed by Orchid

Eighteen year old Dru Stevens is very independent. She and her mom have been on their own for the past fifteen years, since her father died. She doesn’t want anyone’s pity or help, especially not a guy. She continually struggles with being very short and is constantly gets into fights over it. Since her mom hasn’t dated much and Dru swore off guys, their both surprised when her mom falls in love with a cop. Then along comes, Casey Daniels, the first guy to ever catch Dru’s eye. Too bad he thinks she’s a kid, even after she tells him otherwise. After a rocky start and proof of her age, Can Casey convince her to let him into her life.

Eighteen can be an awkward age, but not for Dru. She and her mother have been self sufficient since Dru’s father died and her main aim is to win a scholarship. She earns money working at a local restaurant and tries not to get too mad when people comment on her shortness of stature. Most people think she’s about twelve or fourteen years of age. This causes confusion when her muffler drops off and is returned by a gorgeous hunk who assumes she is driving illegally.

She arrives home where her mother reveals she has been dating a cop for some months without telling Dru in case nothing came of it. Both her mother and Mike, the cop, seem sublimely happy. Mike is widowed with a fourteen year old daughter who goes to Dru’s school.

At work Dru finds the customers from hell have landed in her section. First a man who seems intent on starving his kids, then a blonde “Barbie” doll and her friends. To top it all Casey, the man who returned her muffler, also turns up for a meal.

Risky Business is funny and sad at different times. Passion plays a very big part in Dru’s life, even though she insists she doesn’t want a boyfriend. Her temper is uncertain and she struggles hard to keep it under control. Her attraction for Casey seems to be going nowhere as he still believes her to be underage. Add to this her two best friends who are always there for her, and her mother’s romance which appears to be heading for wedding bells and Dru’s life is definitely changing. But is it for the better?

I truly like this book, but at times I felt something was missing. It seemed as if the author didn’t always tell us the full story.

Both Dru and Casey are strong characters and I really sympathized with Dru’s attitude to life, love and everything. She is delightful and full of life. Casey, although a strong macho man, has a lot to learn about female emotions, but is still a strong man determined to protect those he loves.

This book is certainly suitable for twelve years and up. It is fun, fast paced and a very enjoyable read.

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