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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Heart's Desire by Jessie Coulter

Heart's Desire by Jessie Coulter
Publisher: Wild Horse Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Age Recommendation: 16+
Length: Full Length (169 pages)
Rating: 3 suns
Reviewed by Dogwood

Morgan Raines transferred to a new high school his senior year. Starting over doesn't bother him, but finding his mate pinned to her locker by her Neanderthal ex-boyfriend does... From day one, Morgan and Skye are inseperable, despite the fact her ex keeps getting in the way. But will Skye's feelings change when she realizes he turns into a panther every time the moon is full? Or can true love conquer all?

Nothing was going right in her life; Skye felt like an outcast at school and at home. Until the day Morgan Raines, the new guy at school, walks in with perfect timing and turns her life around. He saves her from her ex-boyfriend and her dad. It all seems a little too good to be true, and it's happening so fast. Skye is afraid to share her true feelings with Morgan - she's afraid he will be scared off by how strong her feelings are so early in their relationship. Little does she know, he is already aware, and he has a secret of his own. Will Skye be able to handle the secret? Will she be able to handle the stress from her ex-boyfriend and father?

Skye is your typical teenage girl, just trying to make it through high school so she can move out on her own. She is pretty easy to relate to and a very likable character. You find yourself rooting for her through the entire book. You also find yourself falling in love with Morgan Raines right along with Skye. There may be a few scenes in the book you will have to stop yourself from drooling.

Despite my enjoyment, I did have a few issues with this story. There were times I found it hard to believe two people could fall so hard so fast with one another. These two moved really fast for two high school kids. I also felt the characters were a little flat. I wish there had been a bit more information on who Skye and Morgan were as individuals, as well as, more time being spent on the two of them getting to know each other. The relationship was mainly hard to believe because there were more scenes of lust than love. The two were either pawing all over each other or arguing. What happened to the scenes when they went to Jo's diner together, instead of with other people?

Aside from all of that, you want these two together. You like them as a couple, so you want them to make it through all the trouble that seems to pop up around them. The trouble never seems to quit either. Between Chris the ex-boyfriend, and Lorna her arch nemesis, trouble is brewing around every corner.

The story also sends out a positive message. Skye is having to deal with an abusive father, and an oblivious mother. Several times you want her to either call the cops, or cross your fingers a neighbor does. The whole town seems to be aware of her problem, no matter how hard she tries to hide it, yet they do nothing about it. The positive message being, you can't just sit back and watch someone get hurt. Alcoholism is a serious disease and it needs to be addressed.

Chris is a classic ex-boyfriend, who you desperately want to turn good. No matter how annoying he is in the story you find it hard, like Skye, to dislike him. Her best friend Lindsay, seems a little less like a best friend, and more like a friend to eat lunch with. I really feel this book would have been more enjoyable if the author had delved more into the descriptions of each character. Nonetheless, I found myself wanting to finish this story.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book. I foresee a future series with this, since there were a few areas with room to explore further. If a series did come out I would be first in line to read them. I would love to know what happens next in the life of Skye and Morgan. What is life really like for the two now that she knows he turns into a panther? Is she really okay with it? If you enjoy a fast-paced fantasy romance with two main characters hard not to love, then you need to check this out. You will probably find yourself reading this in one sitting.

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