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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter by R.J. Anderson

Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter by R.J. Anderson
Publisher: Harper Collins
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy
Age: 8+
Length: Full Length (336 pgs)
Rating: 3.5 suns
Reviewed by Alyssum

Forget everything you think you know about faeries. . . .

Creatures full of magic and whimsy?

Not in the Oakenwyld. Not anymore.

Deep inside the great Oak lies a dying faery realm, bursting with secrets instead of magic. Long ago the faeries mysteriously lost their magic. Robbed of their powers, they have become selfish and dull-witted. Now their numbers are dwindling and their very survival is at stake.

Only one young faery—Knife—is determined to find out where her people's magic has gone and try to get it back. Unlike her sisters, Knife is fierce and independent. She's not afraid of anything—not the vicious crows, the strict Faery Queen, or the fascinating humans living nearby. But when Knife disobeys the Faery Queen and befriends a human named Paul, her quest becomes more dangerous than she realizes. Can Knife trust Paul to help, or has she brought the faeries even closer to the brink of destruction?

Talented newcomer R. J. Anderson creates an extraordinary new fantasy world and weaves a gripping tale of lost magic, high adventure, and surprising friendship in which the fate of an entire realm rests on the shoulders of one brave faery rebel.

What would you do if you were a faery and were told you could never go outside because humans were dangerous? Would you obey the rules or be a rebel?

Though Knife never meant to be a rebel, that is exactly what she was in the eyes of the faery Queen. Knife lives in a time when the faery world is crumbling - they have lost their magic. After what they call the Sundering the only one left with any magic is the Queen. Nobody knows what it's like to have true friendship and the old ones are dying of the Silence, a sort of dementia for faeries.

Knife wants to go outside but it's forbidden. However, after she becomes the Queen's Hunter she can go out all the time. After being rescued from a crow's attack she meets her first human. Making the acquaintance of this human boy throws everything she has learned upside down. Now Knife must prove that humans are not as bad as everyone thought them to be.

Knife is the kind of young heroine that I like: strong, independent and courageous. She has the curiosity to get herself into trouble, and she can't just let things go. Once she sets her mind to something she must find out the truth even if it hurts. The young man, Paul, has his own set of problems. He is a paraplegic and has sort of lost his inspiration, until Knife falls into his lap. Paul is kind and gentle which is why Knife has such a hard time trying to figure out why everyone hates humans. The faery Queen comes off a bit shady and I really had my doubts about her, but she is not as bad as I first thought.

The weakest part of this story, in my opinion, has to be the middle because it has a bit too much description and not enough forward movement. It was to the point that it slowed down the pace and pulled me from the story. But, once I got over the slump it went quickly and was a pleasant read through to the end.

Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter was a quick, enjoyable middle grade book that I would recommend to anyone who loves books about Fae. I give it 3.5 out of 5 suns.

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