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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Suburban Vampires by Connie Keenan

Suburban Vampires by Connie Keenan
Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short story (79 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 12+
Rating: 4.5 Suns
Reviewed by Begonia

A whole high school full of vampires? Well it will be, if Dylan and Jesse follow orders. A vampire hunter is making living death dangerous in New Jersey, so the two young men...uh, relatively young as vampires go...are sent by the Master Vampire to bite the entire student body of a local high school. All is well until the lads fall for Tegan, the daughter of the vampire hunter, and her best friend, Rina.

Dylan and Jesse are inventive enough to appear to be ordinary guys, until challenged. No red-blooded vampire is going to let a mere human outdo him, as Jesse proves when he transforms into a bat to muddle a football game. Dylan survives a fatal fall from a tree--vampires are immortal. Tegan and Rina become pawns in a deadly game, until a final battle with the Master Vampire has an unexpected outcome. Dylan and Jesse prove their heroism, but will the vampire hunter give up his quest, even when his daughter's happiness is at stake?

Suburban Vampires is a laid back, easy going story about two vampires that wished they weren’t. Dylan and Jesse would love to find a way to convert back to human if such a thing is possible. When the master vampire gives them one last chance to prove themselves by sending them to Long Island to transform a whole high school of kids into vampires, and then use them to kill a human vampire hunter, they figure that’s their chance to find the answers or be banned from the master vampire’s castle forever.

Ms. Keenan did a great job writing this short story. She has a couple of plots going on at the same time although you don’t catch on to the second one until about halfway through the story. She mixes banter and comedy throughout the entire book. Dylan was originally from Britain and was turned in 1779 during the war at the age of fifteen, while Jesse was from Brooklyn in 1947 at the age of fifteen. Ms. Keenan used the cultural differences between the two time frames as a bone of contention between Dylan and Jesse. I found this hilarious when the two interacted since Dylan is an uptight British solder and Jesse is a fun loving slang-throwing Brooklyn boy.

Throw some high school romance into the mix and now you’re dealing with the everyday life of a teenager. At least that is what you think until you see how Ms. Keenan deals with it. I kid you not, you will laugh most of the way through this book. There are a couple of tense moments when the master vampire shows up to deal with Dylan and Jesse but that just makes this story more compelling.

Suburban Vampires grabs you from the beginning and keeps a hold of you until the end. You won’t want to put it down until you find out if Dylan and Jesse find the answer on how to convert themselves back to human or not. Plus Ms. Keenan adds a curse on one of the girls at that high school. A curse that says she will be turned into a vampire at the age of fifteen. If that’s not enough action for you, throw in a couple of spies for the master vampire, Roland Ellery the father (human vampire hunter) of Tegan the fifteen year old with the curse, as well as the local vampires who live on Long Island and you’re in for one exciting read.

Read Suburban Vampires to find out the answers to questions like, why don’t Dylan and Jesse want to be vampires? What could they possibly have against vampires? Do they find their answers? Are they able to convert back to human or are they stuck as vampires for eternity? Why is Tegan cursed? What is Roland Ellery is willing to do in order to save his daughter Tegan? Will Dylan and Jesse convert the entire high school and destroy the human vampire hunter?

You may even find a few more questions of your own while reading this fun, gripping story.

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