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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Confessions of a Teenage Psychic by Pamela Woods-Jackson

Confessions of a Teenage Psychic by Pamela Woods-Jackson
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Age Recommendation: 12+
Length: Full Length (246 pages)
Rating: 4 suns
Reviewed by Dogwood

Caryn Alderson just wants to be a normal teenager. Moving from Houston to Indianapolis and trying to make new friends is hard enough, but when she meets Quince Adams, Rosslyn High School’s star athlete, she wants more than friendship. Unfortunately, two obstacles stand in her way: Quince's girlfriend, cheerleader Kensington Marlow, and Caryn's Uncle Omar. So what’s the problem? Kensington’s cheating on Quince, and Uncle Omar died in Vietnam at age 20!

Imagine hearing voices, seeing spirits no one else can see, and knowing things about people they never told you. No wonder Quince and all her new friends think she’s weird! Then just when Caryn thinks her psychic abilities are under wraps, her friend Megan blurts out the truth on television. Can Caryn finally admit her secret and just be herself? Does she really have a choice?

Endearing to the core! Confessions of a Teenage Psychic is a great read for anyone looking to reminisce with the days of high school or anyone still in high school, looking for someone to relate too. Caryn Alderson is just your typical teenager... or wait, is she?

Well, just like any teenager, she crushes hard, embarrasses easily, and wants to make friends. However, unlike the rest of the kids in her school, she is psychic. She also likes to let everything she knows come spilling out of her mouth before she even realizes what's going on. At her last school this was a problem, so she is more than afraid it will be a problem again. Caryn's originally from Texas, but she and her mother just moved to Indianapolis. It's hard enough adjusting to a new life in a new school, but to add being psychic to it -- that's a challenge for anyone. You find yourself struggling right along with her and sharing in all her same joys. Caryn doesn't come from your typical background, which makes this book all the more interesting.

She made friends pretty easy, but she was very cautious how sincere these friendships were. Caryn was constantly on guard, trying to keep her secret a secret. Caryn met Emma Cartwright in art class, and their friendship blossomed rather quickly. Thanks to Emma, Caryn was able to meet some other friends, including Quince Adams. Her relationship was pretty much love at first sight for Caryn, of course Quince felt otherwise. It didn't help much that he was dating one of the most popular girls in school, Kensington Marlow. Caryn had the hardest time hiding her secret from Quince, because for some reason, her special talent always seemed to involve him. This only succeeded in pushing Quince further away from her, and making her feel even more like a freak.

Despite what Caryn feels at times, she is surrounded by lots of family and friends who love and support her. It's a long journey for her to realize and accept her gift. The book helps to remind you that even if you are different, a true friend will accept you no matter what. I know firsthand this is something every person struggles with through high school. There is always something that makes a person feel awkward, strange, and out of the group. This book is a great tool in helping someone cope through the difficult events in high school.

There are many times you will get so invested in the book, you feel as though it's yourself going through the very hardships Caryn experiences. Not to mention the sigh of relief each time another friend accepts her for who she is. An old family member Caryn has never even met before, even comes to help her along the way. What would be a terrifying experience for most, Caryn bravely makes it through it.

The story is wonderfully written. It's almost like watching a movie, the descriptions are so vivid. The story flows very smoothly, you will find yourself finished before you know it. You can tell the author is very familiar with high school environments, because she was able to describe it so perfectly. It was like a blast from the past, and I was right back in school. Dreading getting up early, but looking forward to hanging out with everyone at Peterson's Coffee Emporium. If you are looking for an easy, entertaining read, then this book is just right for you. Perfect for a lazy day in a hammock, or even better, while you are laying out at the beach!

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