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Friday, April 6, 2012

Dragon Night by Stephanie Campbell

Dragon Night by Stephanie Campbell
Publisher: Musa Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full length (243 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 12+
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

The only thing more shocking than discovering that dragons really exist is finding out that you are one.

Ever since he could remember, Ford was treated cruelly by his parents, Liddy and Wicker Forks. He cannot figure out why they hate him so much. It is only when he discovers that his father isn’t really Wicker Forks but instead is a mysterious, red-eyed stranger that he goes on a quest to find his true identity—and much, much more.

As he heads forward down the path of danger and illusion, he uncovers a world that he had never imagined, a world of dragons. Ford must decide who he is—a dragon or a boy—and whichever path he chooses will be his future for forever. After all, once you are a dragon, there is no going back.

Ford always wanted to have some special abilities or powers to make him different from the other folks. You know, superpowers or unusual knowledge or something like that. But he never expected to be as different as he was…

This author does a nice job of creating a fantasy world that seems reasonable. Besides humans, her world holds draconians and dragons. And woe be to anyone who has been sired by a dragon.

Ford only knows his parents treat him like a servant and never offer him any love or support. He doesn’t know why but assumes it must be because they don’t care for him. That’s all he knows until he suddenly finds himself feeling strange sensations and getting extremely hot. He even confuses paramedics trying to help him. After a few sessions of this, he realizes his body is changing. The problem is he doesn’t know to what.

Ms. Campbell writes a busy story with lots of complex relationships between her families of characters and poor Ford. Ford is sixteen and what he’s going through resembles puberty but is much worse. You immediately empathize with him because he’s brought up loveless and has no idea how to help himself. The author adds evil dragons, and draconians who are slaves to the dragons and mixes Ford into the conflict between the two factions. The entire story held my attention and made me hungry to see what’s on the next page and how she would end the story. There's potential for a sequel here if the author chooses. I’d be happy to read more about Ford and how he puts his life back together.

This is an excellent read for a young person going through life changes who needs a distraction or for someone who enjoys fantasy or stories about dragons.

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