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Monday, May 7, 2012

Lily by L.M. DeWalt

Lily - The Quest for Reason Book One by L.M. Dewalt
Publisher: Central Avenue Publishing
Genre: Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length Full Length (302 pages)
Age Recommendation: 16+
Rating: 4 starts
Reviewed by Orchid

Lily is a tragic and lonely vampire, unwittingly brought into her existence by Ian, a selfish but beautiful maker who has captured her heart for decades, even though he left her with no compass on how to navigate her strange new world. When she meets a coven of vampires that takes her in and treats her like family, all she thought she knew is brought into question. Things are further complicated when she finally finds love - Christian, a human man. Just when she's finally found happiness, Ian reappears, threatening to destroy everything Lily holds dear. When he once again removes all her choices, Lily is thrown into a world where Ian's ongoing sins are unstoppable and her family and newfound love seem lost forever.

Lily is nineteen going on ninety. At the human age of nineteen her fiancé makes her into a vampire - and she didn't even know about his passion for drinking human blood.

Sixty years later Lily is lonely and bored and begins to travel. Luck is on her side as she finds a vampire family who want her to join them. Their warmth and caring envelop her giving her the love she didn't even know she lacked. Lily decides to take an archaeology course and meets Christian and falls instantly in love. Two problems here. Christian is human, and human/vampire relationships are frowned on. Another problem is the daughter of her family who brings home her new vampire boyfriend. This is none other than Ian, Lily's maker. Sparks begin to fly when Ian decides if he can't have Lily, no one will.

I found the beginning of this book to be very slow. Although the author had to give the background to Lily and introduce a few characters who reappeared later in the book, I felt as if I was being told what was happening rather than experiencing it. However when Lily left her home behind her and set out for new horizons the story began to increase its pace.

By the time she admitted to herself she loved Christian, I was hooked. Lily and Christian plus Lily's family entered my mind quite easily, I could see them, hear them and watch them act out their lives. Unfortunately Ian didn't come across the same way. A shame really, as one of his helpers really dazzled me.

For lovers of vampire stories this is a definite yes. It gives an insight into vampire lives, the way they earn their living and how they feed. The ethics of the latter are very interesting - yes vampires do have ethics when it comes to who they feed from. All you vampire lovers out there this is one you should read, and it's the first of a series so there's more to come.

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