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Friday, June 1, 2012

Shattered Identity by K. Dawn Byrd

Shattered Identity by K. Dawn Byrd
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Inspirational
Age Recommendation: 16+
Length: Short Story (96 pgs)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed By Dianthus

Lexi Branson thinks she's found the guy of her dreams. So what if he's older? Her new motto is, "Love knows no boundaries or age limits." Zack Bane loves her and treats her like a princess and that's all that matters.

Lexi soons discovers that she doesn't know Zack as well as she thought. He has secrets, the kind that shatter the lives of those who love him. When faced with the truth, Lexi tries to hang onto him because she has a secret of her own.

When Lexi ends up in danger, she discovers she has no one to turn to except her ex-boyfriend, Jeremy. Can Jeremey, who is still in love with her, keep her safe from Zack? When faced with a choice will Lexi choose to stay with the guy who has become a stranger or will she choose Jeremy, the guy who loves her with all his heart?

Lexi's just looking to have a great summer with her hot new boyfriend and to make her friends jealous of what a great life she's faking. With a broken home, a drunken mother, and a sordid past or her own, Lexi's looking to have a good time with Zach, her older boyfriend, until things start to spiral out of control. The only constants she has are her friends Jeremy and Eden. How many times can Lexi be told all of the bad things about Zach before he takes things too far? For Lexi, she's playing for keeps, if only she can figure out who she wants to keep and for how long.  Life is short and happiness can make the shortness not feel so bad.

Zach is crazy for Lexi, if only she would do what he says without questioning every friggin’ move he makes. His possessive streak got him in trouble with his last girlfriend so he has to tread carefully. Lexi's one of a kind, and if Zach can’t have her then no one can. When bumps come up in his business and Lexi gets itchy for answers, escaping into drugs seems to be the only answer for Zach. But will the drugs drive her further away and will he be too lost to care at that point?

Jeremy knew there was something off about Zach the first time he was accosted by him just for talking to Lexi. After his accident, God has become a big part of Jeremy’s life.  Watching Lexi go through all that she has only made Jeremy want her more each day. When she calls him for help to get away from Zach, running to her side is the only option. Can Jeremy keep her safe when she willingly goes back to Zach each time? How long will Jeremy stand back before he takes action to protect the woman he loves? Life got in the way the first time for Jeremy and Lexi, and this time Jeremy will do whatever it takes to ensure Lexi lives to come back to him.

For a YA story, this was a great read with a wonderful message at the end. Not only was it a positive story, the plot and characters worked so well together that it felt as if I were in the book watching everything unfold from page one. The relationship between Zach and Lexi is a train wreck; I didn't want to be there, but I couldn't look away. The added element of Jeremy made the story that much more enjoyable to read. K. Dawn Byrd is a new to me author and I can honestly say if this is the caliber of her other works then I'll be a fan for life. If you or another young reader are looking for a good love story with a great morale at the end then this is the story for you.

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