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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ameca J and the Revenge of Rex-Ultar by Paul Xavier Jones

Ameca J and the Revenge of Rex-Ultar by Paul Xavier Jones
Publisher: Storyteller Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Contemporary, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (271 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 8+
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Peppermint

In Book I of the Ameca J Chronicles, Ameca aka The Flame, Fraya aka The Flower, and Paul aka The One are the heirs of Menindus, each with fabulous, magical powers. Previously thought to be normal people from Earth, the father and daughters had been magically transported to the land of Mythrania where they successfully battled the Scelestus, the evil entity bent on domination of the entire universe—or was it successful?

In Book II, Paul is dead, murdered while rescuing Fraya from the clutches of the malignant Scelestus. Torn with grief, both Ameca and Fraya jump at the chance to bring their father back to life. Seeking the guidance of Menindus, the ancient Magi tells the girls they must leave Mythrania and return to their own world, taking three companions with them on a quest to recover a powerful magical artefact that has the ability to return the dead to life or make the living immortal.

But all is not as they left it on their world. Their mother has been abducted—and so have they—according to the newspapers. The girls must contend with the police, who are trying to “rescue” them; Lord Bellatrix, the High Priest of the Scelestus, who is implementing a plan to enslave humanity; and the immortal Rex-Ultar, who has been waiting for them ever since Menindus killed his father, centuries ago. While they are occupied on their quest, the Scelestus’ agents continue their work to dominate the Kingdoms of Mythrania by infecting the population with a disease that turns them into almost indestructible, flesh-eating monsters.

Can Ameca, Fraya and their companions recover the artefact and stop Bellatrix, rescue their mother and return to Mythrania to restore their father to life before the Kingdoms are overrun and the Scelestus returns triumphant?

Look out come the girls...again.

Ameca has been forced to age beyond her fourteen years and become the leader of not only her family but the people who follow her. As the leader of the search party to find the ancient artifact to bring her father back to life, she will have to prove that she is the leader those around her believe her to be.

This second installment of the series picks up right where the last story ended. Anyone who tries to read this as a standalone novel may have some difficulty. Those who have read the previous story will feel right at home with the storyline and excited to see how the girls fix their new installment of problems. The book also brings in a few new interesting characters that I enjoyed getting to meet and learn about, including the girl's mother.

Ameca and Fraya really seem to be coming into their own in this story. It was nice to see the girls growing as their surroundings demanded. You seen a new patients and understanding to Ameca that she has been missing previously especially when it comes to her sister. Fraya, on the other hand, no long seems to be the small, timid little girl that relies on those around her to make all the decisions. I think that this really helped to display the strength of the Flame and the Flower and how their new roles are creating self assured young ladies and heroines.

While some old enemies are still in the picture some new one also present themselves in the forever growing obstacles against the group of merry men and ladies. We learn who Rex-Ultar is, as well as some authorities from the world who have been searching for the girls and their family. I especially enjoyed how they seemed to foil the authorities plans on trying to capture them under the assumption that they need saving.

This story is one that anyone of any age can enjoy. Their subject matter and content is one that I would feel comfortable with any of my kids reading. I especially enjoy the lesson on family bonds and friendship ties that the author incorporates into the story. This is a story I would recommend to any parent who is looking for an entertaining story to read with their child or as one that they can trust their child to read on their own, but you're going to want to enjoy it with them.

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