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Friday, November 30, 2012

Night of the Gryphon Book Three: The Prince of Light by Tasarla Romaney

Night of the Gryphon Book Three: The Prince of Light by Tasarla Romaney
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Length: Short Story (104 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 14+
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

Five dragons are hatched. Designed to be guardians of the Elders, gone for centuries from the world of humans and the Land of Shadows, there is nothing that can destroy them – or possibly – control them. Crenshaw and his sister Syvia are distant descendants of the Elders but will it be enough to stop the beast from devouring all living things?

The god, Darivic, is on the verge of losing control of the Land of the Dead and with it the paths to the afterworld will be permanently destroyed ending the life/death cycle.

The looming destruction of all living things becomes more real as the forsaken break through their barrier.

While, the final battle must take place to reset the scales of balance between light and dark, first Sancha, Taraly, Crenshaw, Jalie, and Taigo need to return things to the way the Fates had meant them to be.

In order to save the world, some members of the quest for the Scepter of Hope must sacrifice everything, but do they have the strength to do what is required?

I have eagerly been anticipating the third installment in the Night of the Gryphon series for months. The Prince of Light certainly lived up to my expectations. The action in this story picks up right where the second book, The Warrior Queen ends, so readers wanting to enjoy this book absolutely must read the previous two books in the series first.

The band searching for the Scepter of Hope has been fractured. Taraly and Sancha have broken away from the group for their own reasons. However, they are still working in their own ways to ensure that the side of the light prevails in the final battle. Even though I understood why Sancha and Taraly had to go off on their own for a while, I did miss the interaction between original five members of the quest.

In the second book, The Warrior Queen, a host of minor characters were introduced, all of whom made several attempts to ensure that the positions of hollow king and warrior queen went to the people of their choosing. In this book, even more minor characters appear attempting to do the same thing. As with the second book, I again found all the meddling of these characters to be slightly overwhelming and a bit much at times. I really had to focus in order to remember who everyone was, which side they were on, and what their motives were. This is not an easy task given that many of these characters are adept at concealing their true intentions. Despite this issue, I will say that these minor characters do further the development of the principal characters. I loved watching Taraly, Taigo, Crenshaw, Sancha, and Jalie really come into their own and fulfill their roles at the final battle.

Taraly’s romantic dilemma is interesting. She began to develop feelings for Taigo in the first book, but never truly acted on them. Now, a new suitor is vying for Taraly’s affections. At first I wasn’t sure who Taraly would pick, however, in the end she finally decides to let her heart guide her. I have no doubt that she made the right choice.

Surprisingly, I found the sorceress Ovezara’s romance with Jur to be the most touching. Though she was raised to do the evil bidding of her father, I truly enjoyed watching Ovezara break free of the years of abuse she suffered and open herself to love. I can’t say much without spoiling the ending, but I will say there is a moment between Ovezara and Jur that brought tears to my eyes.

I definitely enjoyed reading The Prince of Light. It completely lives up to what I have come to expect from Ms. Romaney and her Night of the Gryphon series and was certainly worth the wait. I recommend not only The Prince of Light, but also the entire series to fans of romantic fantasy.

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