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Friday, November 30, 2012

Timekeeper by Alexandra Monir

Timekeeper by Alexandra Monir
Publisher: Random House Children’s Books
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (272 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 12+
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

When Philip Walker appears as a new student in Michele Windsor's high school class, she is floored. He is the love she thought she lost forever when they said goodbye during her time travels last century. Overjoyed that they can resume the relationship they had a lifetime ago, Michele eagerly approaches him and discovers the unthinkable: he doesn't remember her. In fact, he doesn't seem to remember anything about the Philip Walker of 1910.

Michele then finds her father's journals, which tell stories of his time-traveling past. As she digs deeper, she learns about his entanglement with a mysterious and powerful organization called the Time Society and his dealings with a vengeful Windsor ancestor. Michele soon finds herself at the center of a rift over 120 years in the making, one whose resolution will have life-or-death consequences.

Ever hear of a cross-century war? This book has one going on. The charming time-travel story continues in this second part. The first was incredibly romantic and left off with a cliffhanger; however, this second book in the series could be read alone.

Things start off with a mystery. Michele is a sixteen-year-old girl from the present who fell in love with a boy from the past; a century past. She met him before her grandparents were born. Then she loses him, being forced back into her present.

One day, to her shock, the new kid shows up at her school. It’s him! He found a way to cross time and be with her. The problem is, he doesn’t seem to know her, and he is hanging out with another girl. Her heart crashes. What’s going on here? Her character is well written as she pursues her answers. What a strong, brave girl.

Mixed in with thismystery is the romantic tale of how Michele’s parents meet and fall in love. It’s a lovely story on its own, but with a tragic ending. Also, Michele is told that children of cross-timed parents are strictly forbidden to exist—her. A woman from the past wants to kill her and does horrible things to get at her. Time is running out for Michele. Will Philip remember her and help her?

There are tender moments, not only for Michele and Philip, but for Michele’s parents. She gets to watch them, see their young love. Another great moment is when Michele goesback in time and meets the father she never knew. She gets answers. Her dad’s background is quite interesting.

This book is filled with suspense. Though it seems to focus more on Michele’s parents than on her and Philip, it’s still a great read from a talented author.

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