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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kady of Quid by K. Hutson Warrington

Kady of Quid by K. Hutson Warrington
Publisher: Write Words, Inc.
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy
Age Recommendation: 12+
Length: Full (451 pages)
Rating: 5 Suns
Review by: Orchid

“Don’t tell me faeries, elves and dragons don’t exist,” five-year old Kady insisted again and again to her parents, Rachel and Richard Dowd. And Kady’s parents know she is right. As the years pass, they see the small creature darting beneath the dryer. They also see the giant’s shadow outside the windows. And Rachel Dowd has found something even more frightening than glowing eyes from deep within the shrubs. She’s found a letter, one that may involve her daughter. Could the letter folded in her coat pocket be true? If so, Kady must fulfill a destiny far beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. Does she dare? Now, 15-year old Kady must decide. Stay safe at home, in Maine or go? Go to a place told of only in faerie tales. A place filled with spriggans and phookas, dwarves and dragons. In Quid, Kady learns to believe in herself, in the courage of others and the acceptance of those unlike herself.

Kady wasn't like the other girls her age. She saw things other teenagers and adults didn't see.

Kady's mother died when she was eight. She lives on the edge of a forest with her father and her obnoxious older brother Lukus. Palmer lives in the woods and teaches Kady things not taught in school. How to do fight and defend herself, things he says will help her when she comes into her own – whatever that means.

Drawn into the world of Tirn Aill where magic seems to prevail, Kady is astonished to find she is thought to be the Guardian everyone is waiting for. Unfortunately some are glad to see her arrive at last, others are out to destroy her before she can come into her true power.

Kady, her friend Terry and dog Barlow must find and fight their way to Quid the seat of the Guardian’s power. Unknown to Kady her father, Palmer and a leprechaun called Garlic are following behind, trying to catch up and help. Overshadowing everyone’s efforts is Gremig an exiled Diaone Shee elf who wants Kady’s powers for his own. The only ones who can stop him are Kady or the dragon Horcano. But Horcano disappeared many years ago.

Although different from the usual teenager, Kady still has the usual likes, dislikes and feelings that any normal girl of her age has. The fact that she can see creatures from Tirn Aill in her own land seems perfectly normal to her. Palmer instructs her in how to defend herself from these creatures and which ones can be trusted.

This is a very modern fairy tale. Although there are elves, dwarves and giants in the story, they fit in perfectly with Kady’s quest. This is not a soft floaty type of story, it’s a true quest for truth and freedom. Although Kady is the main character, all the other creatures and humans in the book need to be there to help and assist Kady through her problems. Each comes into their own strengths as the story progresses.

Kady gains confidence as she makes her way through Tirn Aill. Although at times exhausted and afraid, she knows she must confront Gremig and defeat him. If she fails not only will Tirn Aill fall, but also Tire Nam Beo – the name given to Earth by the people of Tirn Aill.

Her major problem is if she defends the people against Gremig, she could also lose all she holds dear in the world she grew up in.

This book is an amazing tale of a young teenage girl interacting with another world. What at first seems to be the usual story of goblins, elves and the like turns out to be a quest to save two worlds. I would recommend it to any reader over the age of twelve as a book they will thoroughly enjoy.

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David Glover said...

I read this book in its formative stages, and thoroughly enjoyed it. As one who has read quite a bit of fantasy, I found it different enough to hold my interest and enthusiasm, but similar enough not to be groping for references. I have read other works by this author in different genres and also found them delightful