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Monday, April 30, 2012

Dragon Flame by Sue Perkins

Dragon Flame by Sue Perkins
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (111 pgs)
Age Recommendation: 12+
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Cholla

Fire breathing dragons destroy Talei's home but when she links telepathically with a dragon, he explains goblins are holding their females hostage. Talei and her friend Adri lead a group of teenagers to free the beasts. Failure means both dragons and humans will be destroyed.

Eighteen year old Talei and several young children are left orphans after the attack on her settlement by fire breathing dragons. The survivors join up with other refugees but when Talei links telepathically with a dragon, she discovers their goblin riders are holding the female dragons hostage. Talei and her friend Adri lead a group of teenagers to free the beasts. Failure means the end of both dragons and humans.

Landing Day has always been a happy day, a huge celebration in honor of the day they arrived on this new planet after having left Earth for a better place. Although this year, Landing Day is nothing to celebrate. When an invasion of fire-breathing dragons arrive and destroys everything in their path, only a handful of orphaned children are left. It’s now up to eighteen-year-old Talei to help them survive on their own.

Talei is a remarkable girl. Only just turned eighteen on Landing Day, she's quick to step up and take the lead when needed. Even though the responsibility of caring for so many young children and re-establishing a settlement overwhelms her, she never thinks of throwing her hands up and walking away from it all. She takes her responsibilities to heart and makes things work the best she can. A natural born leader, people will follow her wherever she leads.

Adri is Talei’s natural complement. He’s mellow when she’s uptight, rational when she’s not. Being from a more well-established settlement than Talei, he’s a bit more refined and brings a lot to the table when they meet. His addition to the party makes things more balanced and smoother. Together, they make a great pair of leaders, with democracy at the forefront of their reign.

Dragon Flame is an adventure for all ages! From the first dragon attack to the freeing of the dragons from their captors, you’re glued to the words before you. I found it interesting as to why Talei and her brother, Byron, were the only ones capable of communicating with the dragons at first. A different sort of idea and I think it worked well here, showing how the siblings differed from all the other survivors around them.

A great fantasy for younger teens and adults alike, Dragon Flame is a fun and exciting mix of both fantasy and science fiction.

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Sue Perkins said...

Thank you Cholla for such a wonderful review. I enjoyed writing Dragon Flame so much I have written a sequel, Dragon Clans, which is due out in August.