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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gnit-Wit Gnipper and the Perilous Plague by T J Lanz

Gnit-Wit Gnipper and the Perilous Plague by T J Lanz
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Age Recommendation: 12+
Length: Short Story (13 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

No matter how hard she tries life never seems to go quite right for Gnipper Tallhat, an eight-year-old Gnome determined to receive the recognition her intelligence deserves. This time, however, she's got it all figured out. Finally, her father will have to be proud of her accomplishments...provided he manages to live through them.

All Gnipper wants to do is get her hat. You have to do something that brings you honor to do that, and somehow all her experiments and projects have just turned to disaster…

This author has created a “punny” little story that is both funny and cute at the same time. It is a novella, but she’s managed to create a full bodied story about gnomes that you won’t want to miss. She grabs your heart and makes you feel sorry for Gnipper; she tries so hard. If she doesn’t succeed soon, she’s going to be declared a Gnit-Wit.

Ms. Lanz creates a real conflict for Gnipper by having her father be a super achiever of honors. How can she hope to measure up? After all, greatness for a gnome is having the biggest (don’t go there, this is young adult’s book) hat! Action picks up very fast when Gnipper spikes her father’s tea and his health begins to sink. It seems the experiment she's doing this time is infecting people with the plague.

Between gnomes, unicorns, and other unusual creatures, you learn about gnome culture and become very attached to Gnipper. Will she succeed in her quest?

The story flows well, makes you laugh, and will keep your young ones reading. I bet they’ll be able to come up with some ideas for hats, too, after they’ve read this story. After all, it’s good clean fun and enjoyable overall. Why not get a copy of this for any young fantasy reader or someone with a good sense of humor? The ending is my favorite part of the story.

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